A change of plans for this MMus game project.

Unfortunately, due to time retraints of the deadline for the MMus project, I have made the decision to postpone this project.

This decision was not taken lightly and decided after extreme consideration.

This project will be taken up in the future, where hopefully I can pitch it to an already established game studio with an experienced team at hand.

In the meantime, my MMus project has been changed so that I will, instead, be working on a portfolio of implementing game audio using FMOD into Unity templates. Using these templates allows me to focus entirely on the audio aspects of the games and showcase my skills and technical understanding of FMOD.

These templates will cover several different styles of games, allowing me to showcase a variety of sound design and compositional techniques in order to match the atmosphere within the game world.

This portfolio will be available to view/download in early September through this website on the Portfolio tab.

For those who are following this page, thank you for your support and I hope that Band Brawl will someday become a reality.