Story Time


I currently have two concepts for the game and must decide between the two.

Game development has been progressing postiviely so far. I have come up with two potential plots for my game, both of which are different to each other, and would have different gameplay, art and sound directions.
The basic stories are as follows:


For the 3D platformer, where an energy drink company (known as Votonix) is using mind control to gain customers and rule the world. (Very cliché story but not meant to be taken seriously). This would lead the main character to explore various levels in order to stop the company from ruling the world. This would lead to some creative level and sound design and would be easy to implement a variety of different sounds throughout the game. Game 1 would take inspiration from games such as Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario 64.


This 2nd game would be a 2D side scrolling beat 'em up style game. For this story, a Jazz saxophonist gets killed and is ressurrected by the Music Gods in order to bring balance back to the music industry within their town. They must travel to various venues and such in order to battle with various other musicians from other genres (eg. Metal Drummer, Samba Bassist etc)

As the game progresses, you can upgrade the profecieny of your instrument (through spending points to practice your scales etc) and use new techniques (acting as special moves) to more easily defeat your foes. Some of the special moves would include soloing, growling, fluttertongue etc

This game is taking inspiration from Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Castle Crashers, Shovel Knight and Battletoads.

Currently, I am leaning towards the 2nd game as I think this would be easier for a game developer to program and it would be more fun to create the sounds for. As well as this, I think it would lend itself better to a more sophisticated OST as well as the SFX for each attack. Ideally within the game, the sounds would relate to whichever key the music is in, so if you attack and the music is in Em then the noise made from the attack will be a note within that scale. Currently imagining a 16Bit style soundtrack, but this is subject to change.