Musical Experimentation


I have experimented with some musical ideas for the game and some VSTs to help.

It has been some time since this blog was last updated, due to a busy work schedule relating to other university courses as well as Andrew's current community music work.

Some initial ideas and experimentations were worked on throughout this month in terms of the game's sound effects and musical tone. Andrew downloaded a plugin called Magical 8-Bit and started to experiment with creating some nostalgic GameBoy style music.

After having a meeting with his lecturer, Andrew has some work to do with his game's story but it will be still similar to the initial idea he had (of the jazz musician) where instead of a venue being the antagonist, it will be a style of music (ChipTune) and the various different genres of music need to band together - no pun intended - in order to restore normality to the world.

This will lend itself to creating a soundtrack that must work within the ChipTune genre as well as a more modern approach.

An idea is that as the player progesses through each world, defeating bosses etc, the music becomes more and more modern.

By the end of the game, you will have unlocked many characters from different genres of music and the OST will be modern sounding. For post game content, there will be an option to use the ChipTune style music if the player liked that version better.

For actual game development, an actual developer needs to be found and the Visual Artist needs to be put to work.