Beginning of Development


The beginning of the development for my MMus game has begun. In this post, I'll discuss the concepts for my game.

The beginning of game development has officially begun as of today. A style and genre for the game has been chosen and all that is left is to create a basic story line and begin construction of the various levels.

I have decided to create a 3D Platformer/Collectathon style game, similar to that of Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro and Super Mario 64. These games were released in the 90s, so within the visuals and sound design I will include various references to them throughout while creating my own unique style.

My hope is to have a central hub world (similar again to the games mentioned) where the player can get used to the controls of the game and gain a brief understanding of how the game works and sounds.

This would be an excellent way to introduce any game functions that will be implemented as I am currently planning to include a feature where sound clues will help to identify secret treasures or areas within the game.

There are currently a lot of potential ideas circulating in my head about this game but I have a short development time, and therefore need to choose carefully on what I implement and what I can spend more time perfecting throughout the process.

I will also be documenting the process through a video blog which will be linked on this page when released.