Artist has been found


An artist has been found for the game and meetings have been had.

2 weeks ago, I reached out to a friend in Aberdeen about designing all of the art assets for my MMus game.

I believe we will work well together, as we both have a similar love for nostaligic entertainment and content. After having a meeting about what assets were needed and the timescale of the project, I feel confident that the programmer will have all the assets with plenty of time for the deadline of University submissions.

My plan was to have the artist come up with some character designs and some of the backgrounds for the Hub World so that I could have some visual stimuli for creating some music.

I feel as though I may have to create some music without the visuals to help the artist design the enviroments.

Development on the game will be slower currently as University deadlines for other classes are approaching and the artist is currently moving address.

For now, I can search for a programmer to implement the game.