Another update


An update for May going into June. :)

May was a busy time as the University deadlines were fast approaching for this term. Progress on composing for Band Brawl went to a standstill, but now all of my assessments are out of the way. This means that I can spend all my time working on the sound for this game and the same should go for my fellow team members.

So far I have composed a good amount of tracks for this game, but they are not yet in the Chiptune style yet, as I feel I wanted to get the composition right first then sort the production aspects. Although, as I'm typing this, I feel it may be beneficial to work with the sounds that would actually be used.

There are still more tracks to create, and I need to make sure that I'm 100% happy with them as well as checking if they fit the game properly. I will likely send my tracks to my lecturer to get his opinion on them sometime in the near future. Hopefully to send him as many tracks as I can.